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About Gatua wa Mbũgwa

Gatua wa Mbũgwa is a Ph.D. student in Agronomy at the University of Wyoming, USA. He has a Master of Professional Studies in International Agriculture and Rural Development (2001) and a Master of Science in Crop and Soil Sciences (2003) degrees from Cornell University, New York. He earned his dual B.A. degrees in Environmental Studies and Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1997.

Before moving to the USA in 1992 for further studies, Gatua studied Bio-intensive Agriculture at the Manor House Agricultural Center in Kitale, Kenya, and also taught the same agriculture in rural Gatũndũ.

Gatua wa Mbũgwa is emphatic that only homegrown solutions will save Africa from its current predicament and any outside resources will only augment those solutions. He believes that African languages are a yet to be tapped natural resource and are central to African development as has European languages been to the development of Europe and North America.

Gatua wa Mbũgwa writes poetry and essays in his native language, Gĩgĩkũyũ, and is published in Mutiiri, a journal of the Gĩgĩkũyũ language of Kenya.

Gatua wrote his MS thesis titled "Nditi ya Ũrĩmi wa Mbayotethibũ Kenya Kũrĩ Magetha ma Thũkũma na Maguni Thĩiniĩ wa Cio" (The Impact of Biointensive Cropping on Yields and Nutrient Contents of Collard Greens in Kenya) entirely in Gĩgĩkũyũ then translated it into English. Both the Gĩgĩkũyũ original and the English translation were presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of Cornell University in May 2003 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.

In addition to writing in Gĩgĩkũyũ, Gatua wa Mbũgwa has released two edutainment poetry CDs, Maitũ nĩ Ma Iitũ (1999), and Maitũ nĩ Ma Itũ Kerĩ (2005).

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