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Send us your poems in Gĩgĩkũyũ and we will place them on our site!

Gatua wa Mbũgwa is now accepting poetry in Gĩgĩkũyũ from contributors. These poems will be placed on Gĩgĩkũyũ poetry page to expose poets to a wide readership, and to allow our readers to enjoy poetry in their own language. This is a good step towards sharpening our writing skills and developing our language and our country.

Poetry Journal
After our on-line collection of poems reaches about two hundred pages, it will be published in book form by: MAITŨ NĨ MA ITŨ: NJARANDA YA MAREBETA MA GĨTHOMO NA NDŨRŨHĨ (Our Mother is Our Truth: Gĩgĩkũyũ Edutainment Poetry Journal).

Towards self-reliance
We should aim at self-reliance and the development of our Gĩgĩkũyũ language to the point where we use it to teach science, mathematics, arts, our history together with world history, and in deed, to the point where we use our language to teach all academic disciplines at all educational levels. This is certainly within our generationís reach.

Most of the past and current developments have not been recorded in our language, and the language has therefore (together with many other African languages), been left behind as the world developed. We should develop our African languages, our countries, and our continent with the full knowledge that others will not, and cannot, develop our languages or bring development to us! We must be central to our own development.

Gĩgĩkũyũ and other African languages are a yet to be tapped natural resource, notwithstanding the fact that African languages are as central to African development as European languages have been to the development of Europe and North America. Developing our languages is a first step toward our own self-development and the development of a continent free from dependence.

Poetry submissions
Click njaranda to read more about poetry submissions.

Send your Gĩgĩkũyũ poems to:
Gatua wa Mbũgwa
Managing Editor
Maitũ nĩ Ma Itũ: Njaranda ya Marebeta ma
Gĩthomo na Ndũrũhĩ
email: waciku@gatua.com

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